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Sidetrack: 6 week primal Day 3

Eating went well on day 1, I had a salad for lunch and dinner. I had tea with a little squirt of honey in it in the evening so that I could have some caffeine because I had reading to do.

Day 2, I started feeling ill. I accidentally had 2 pieces of candy then remembered that I wasn’t supposed to eat it while eating the second one. Aunt Flo is also visiting, so I had some caveman cookies, and some of a dark chocolate bar, and I had a larabar which has primal ok ingredients. I know I’m not supposed to eat sugar, but these are usually the few days out of the month that I allow myself to eat unashamedly. My general eating was also as it was supposed to be. I also had some orange juice because I’m sick. I had a bite of smoked salmon for breakfast because i was running out of the door. I had a salad for lunch with vegetables and stuff.

Day 3 I’m sick. I haven’t eaten yet today, although I do have an appetite, which makes me feel kind of guilty for missing class. But I woke up feeling like I couldn’t even move, and I definitely am sick. I hope that choosing to rest instead of trying to push it in class will help me heal sooner. Since I’m supposed to eat more protein, I’ve been eating fish multiple times a day. I don’t know how I feel about eating meat. I hypothetically wouldn’t mind eating a cow that was raised in a field eating only grass, or a chicken raised the same way. Or eating whatever chickens are supposed to eat, but I don’t want to get used to eating meat because when I’m not preparing it myself I can’t know where it came from. 


Sidetrack: 6 weeks primal blueprint day 1

I am blogging about this journey as encouragement, and hopefully so I will stick to it. I read the primal blueprint this summer, and the lifestyle seems doable, and the author makes a very compelling argument. I intended to start when I came back to school, but my diet went in the complete opposite direction. I plan to vlog this journey as well.

I do intend to start filming my podcast again, and have gotten back into knitting.

The Diva’s Knitcapades #2

Nostalgia: that feeling we get when a song or smell whisks us back to a previous time and allows us to revel in joys past. I was looking around my house for some of my old knitting and sewing supplies, and I happened upon this gem.


This is an old ball of yarn I used to crochet a bag. I think I was in high school, but all I really remember about it is that it took forever. Now I think, “No wonder it took forever, this yarn is tiny!” The older, wiser me wishes someone had told me to buy bulky instead of sport weight yarn to make a bag out of. I am going to be making some baby booties out of this to donate to charity.

Last week I bought two pairs of bamboo circular knitting needles for two different projects. I struggle with the metal circulars because the cord is stiff, and the stitches fly off the needles which results in many a dropped stitch. I started a hat for my mother that I want to finish this week. It took three tries to get past casting on and the first row, because I was casting on too tight and the bamboo doesn’t have enough slip to forgive tight stitches. I literally couldn’t move the stitches on the needles. Needless to say, I was very frustrated, until a friend advised that I cast on with larger needles then resume on the bamboo circulars. That worked very well.

Now that the knitting is moving along, I don’t think I am ever going to buy metal circular needles again. The bamboo is light, and has the right amount of slickness. It holds on to the stitches, but they are still easily movable. They are definitely worth the extra money. I bought mine on sale, but they are normally $10-$13 in the craft store.

I am doing this hat pattern. You can see images on the ravelry page for it here. My mom wants a hat that will warm her ears so since this one is double thick, and longer than usual, it should do the job. I am using Wool-Ease yarn, and I am loving it so far! It is warm and soft, and the cream color my mom chose is so rich and luxurious looking! I can’t wait until I can make something for myself with it. Here is where my hat is currently:


I have finished the 2.5 in of ribbing, and I am working on the increase round.

I find that in knitting there is often a wavering between frustration and delight, despair and excitement. That is most definitely the case with this hat. It is working up fast because I am using worsted weight yarn, and I can already tell it is going to be an extremely warm hat. In hindsight, It would be nice if I could double knit this hat and just whipstitch the bottom together instead of having to go back and knit another one. That would get complicated since its cabled, but it would save time.

I am working on some other projects as well, but they have been pushed back because my mom’s birthday is soon and I am making her this hat, and these socks. At the moment, I am trying to decide which colors of palette yarn from Knit Picks to buy. Instead of being white and blue, I want the socks to be the colors an actual microprocessor would be, which are green on green, or green and gold.

Color Choices

I am trying to choose between using the color in the top middle as the MC, and the one to its right as the CC or using the same MC and the one in the bottom left as the CC. I am leaning toward the first option, please comment below if you think one would look better than the other.

Finally, a teaser to make you drool. This yarn is gorgeous from Darn Good Yarn. It is a recycled silk yarn with gorgeous colors! I can’t wait until I can afford to splurge on some. This is my favorite ball on the site:


The Diva’s Knitcapades #1

“The Diva’s Knitcapades” here and on youtube are a background look at some of the knit and crochet work that I do, where I go into more detail about the process of making something than I would in my Cast off Thursday videos.

I really wanted to try making a sock, so my sister bought me some sock yarn and circular needles for Christmas! At the moment I am finished with the gusset decreases on the second sock, but I am almost out of yarn. I won’t be able to finish the second sock until I can buy another skein.

The yarn she bought for me is Paton Kroy Socks FX in Cascade Colors, I didn’t really know how it would turn out, but the colors are really amazing once they are knit out into the sock. The only thing about this specific colorway is that it has a lot of browns which make some of  it look dirty.

I chose to make ankle socks because I only had one skein, and found the fluttered socks by knitpurlhunter. She has awesome patterns and amazing videos that  are really helpful. In her pattern she gives references to specific videos that will help with each part of the pattern.

The part that gave me the most trouble was the gusset, the heel flap is in Eye of the Partridge style so every 4 rows end on both sides in a slip, that is where you are supposed to pick up stitches when picking up the gusset. The pattern asks to pick up 18 stitches, but there are 40 rows/4 so 10 slip stitches. As well, the yarn is rather fuzzy so its hard to see clearly. On my first sock I picked up 21 on either side, but on the second one I only picked up 15 on either side. I did try to make sure to pick up the same amount on both sides, but it was rather frustrating. I hope I can come up with a better technique in the future to pick up the gusset.

I took pictures of my sock at various stages:

In order to see the finished pair you’ll have to check out my Cast off Thursday video at my youtube channel, they should be finished either this week or next week.

Have a great day!

Announcement: The Cast Off Crew


I am proud to announce that I am now a part of The Cast Off Crew on youtube! I will be posting what I have crafted on a weekly basis on Thursdays. Please travel to my youtube channel to check it out, and check out the others as well!

This is just the first of much programming I plan to do on youtube, stay tuned for what I have for you all next!