Sidetrack: 6 week primal Day 3

Eating went well on day 1, I had a salad for lunch and dinner. I had tea with a little squirt of honey in it in the evening so that I could have some caffeine because I had reading to do.

Day 2, I started feeling ill. I accidentally had 2 pieces of candy then remembered that I wasn’t supposed to eat it while eating the second one. Aunt Flo is also visiting, so I had some caveman cookies, and some of a dark chocolate bar, and I had a larabar which has primal ok ingredients. I know I’m not supposed to eat sugar, but these are usually the few days out of the month that I allow myself to eat unashamedly. My general eating was also as it was supposed to be. I also had some orange juice because I’m sick. I had a bite of smoked salmon for breakfast because i was running out of the door. I had a salad for lunch with vegetables and stuff.

Day 3 I’m sick. I haven’t eaten yet today, although I do have an appetite, which makes me feel kind of guilty for missing class. But I woke up feeling like I couldn’t even move, and I definitely am sick. I hope that choosing to rest instead of trying to push it in class will help me heal sooner. Since I’m supposed to eat more protein, I’ve been eating fish multiple times a day. I don’t know how I feel about eating meat. I hypothetically wouldn’t mind eating a cow that was raised in a field eating only grass, or a chicken raised the same way. Or eating whatever chickens are supposed to eat, but I don’t want to get used to eating meat because when I’m not preparing it myself I can’t know where it came from. 


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